Disappointment takes away excitement

When my daughter first arrived in Greece, her father picked her up from the airport. She spent the day and night with him. When they arrived to his home, his girlfriend did not greet her well at all. In fact, she shook my daughter’s hand and then went and sat on the couch where she remained the rest of the evening. My daughter stated that the girlfriend seemed to be rather upset but she had no idea why.  She went on to say that she felt so uncomfortable and that it felt as though she had spent the evening with two complete strangers.

The next morning my daughter was so excited knowing that her father would be taking her to her aunt’s house. During their road trip of about three hours, there were a couple of toll roads and a toll bridge they had to cross. Her father complained to her that the cost was too much and that he would not be able to make trips to see her during the duration of her stay. She told me that by the time they crossed that bridge, all she wanted to do was come home. When she told me this, I could tell that all the built up excitement she had been feeling prior to this trip, was all at once taken away from her.

Why would a father do that to his daughter? He waited so long to see her and yet, he couldn’t have came up with a better excuse? I wish I could chalk it up to cultural differences,  but that wouldn’t apply here.

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  1. Thanks for you comment.

    You are so kind to have offered to spend time with my daughter. I’m sure she would have really enjoyed that with all she is currently going through with her father.

    Sorry to hear about your situation regarding you upcoming divorce. I don’t know your story, but be VERY careful if your children were born in Greece. I had one hell of a time getting out. I wish I would have wrote more about it during those days on this blog for you to read. Are you staying or returning home?

  2. Natalie, I done some research on the Rio-Antirrio bridge (which is the one he would have to cross) and it is 13 Euros each way. So that is a total of 26 Euros round trip. Not much of a price to pay to see his daughter.

  3. Natalie, it sounds like you can totally relate to my daughter’s situation with what you have been through with your Father. Can I ask, what is your relationship with your father now?

  4. Hey. Someone mentioned your blog in the “foreign mothers” group mentioned above and I’ve spent all day reading your whole story. I’m an American married to a Greek, and I’m divorcing my husband this summer. Your ex sounds like a bright red asshole even by Greek standards (excuse my French). It is so startling to me that the story ends with your daughter in Greece right *now*. I’m sorry to hear that she’s in Ioannina….we are in Athens and my daughter is 12.5, so not too far from your daughter’s age. I wish she were closer so we could go scoop her up and give her a few fun Greek-summer memories to take back with her when she returns.

  5. Each toll highway is like 1.3 euros I am not sure about a bridge toll. – Still even if its 15 euros that is nothing to get to see his daughter he hasn’t seen in ages. I cant say anything nice about him. Check out those groups and see if anyone is in Ioannina. Even if he is a disappointment, she should still be able to have fun in greece.

  6. Thanks for the information. My daughter is not in Athens, she is in Ioannina. He told her that it costs 13 Euros to get across that bridge each way and costs of other toll roads. Coming from him, I’m not sure that amount is correct.

    She has a phone that her father gave her when she arrived, so she is about to text, message and call. Unfortunately, she has not been seen on Instant messenger over the last two days. She is very upset.

  7. You know their are a few facebook groups for expats in Athens. I have met some moms in the groups that have teenage girls. You might might be able to connect with one and arrange a social outing for her so she can explore athens with kids her age. I would check out “foreign mothers and mothers to be living in athens” or “foreign girls living in athens” also if she gets an app called “taxi beat” she can get transportation from her cell phone she would just need a CC and that pays electronically. If she doesn’t have a phone she can get a cheap sim card for the month she is here. I remember incidents like this with my father. They were upsetting but never surprising.

  8. This is awful. I am so sorry this happened to your daughter. Some men just are not meant to be fathers. Its seems like he prioritized his girlfriend over his daughter. The tolls are not that expensive a few 1-2 euros tops Hopefully she will have a better time with her aunt and grandparents.

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