H came to me and told me he cannot go on this way. Not being able to talk on the phone with other women and not having his own life and freedom is something he just cannot do without. He then gave me two options regarding our situation: I need to either wake up tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Email Collectors

There are people who collect letters when they write to one another . These letters are collected due to sentimental value of friendship or love. The letters are then put away and at a later time, possibly years, they are pulled out and reread. Letter collectors are similar to email collectors. The only difference with... Continue Reading →

Where are his friends?

I find it hard to believe that all his friends have strayed. He tells me he's not in chat, which I am highly doubtful. On top of that, all the continuous floods of phone calls and text messages all hours of the day and night have died down to nothing at all. And there is... Continue Reading →

Is a 180 possible?

High upon a mountain, on a cold rainy night, we sit in our car overlooking the city below. The beauty of the night was shown by the lights of the city reflecting on the lake that surrounds it. I began telling him how much I'm going to miss this place and in a very sweet... Continue Reading →

Hot blooded/Cold blooded

I feel really good and really strong. I feel I can actually see this as a friendship more then a relationship and it'll help me get by the next few days that I'm here. I still don't know when I'm leaving but one thing I do know is that things can change very quickly here... Continue Reading →

Were there other women?

Things come to mind about our life together. There were many opportunities for H to go out and find someone else. I began thinking about this time or that time when he had a good advantage away from home. The question is, were there more times or just one? A few months ago, H had... Continue Reading →

There’s a man I know

Take a man who has no connection to the outside world. His home and business are located in the same building only one floor apart. He has no employees, rarely leaves the building and has very few friends. The only contact he has with people are customers who one cannot really get to know, even... Continue Reading →

Holding on to hope

I'm just holding on to a little bit of hope thinking that the next day, he's going to snap completely out of it and realize what he really wants. I cannot wait around forever and be tortured every day just for the way he acts towards me and the things he says. “I'm really tired... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye

One interesting thing I have come to realize about myself during that unbelievable three and a half weeks was that I was actually grieving and saying goodbye to this place and the memories we had here. I think I accomplished to do just that as I no longer see this place the same anymore. I... Continue Reading →

I never knew

*I wrote the first half prior to finding out about the affair and the second half after it was verified*                                                                              I never knew I never knew what it felt like to find out that the person you love so much and thought was your world, would cause it to come crashing down with no... Continue Reading →

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