Greek Law vs. American Law

I had lived in Greece for many years and had grown accustomed to their way of life. I have had my share of problems when it comes to Greek law, so I know it quite well. I think the most important thing to remember when living overseas is that you have to go by the law in the country where you are at at the time; whether you are living there or even if you are only visiting. The same goes for obtaining any legal documentation needed from that country, one must go by their laws. It is common sense to most but not everyone understands that.

So why does he continue telling me that I don’t understand the difference between Greek Law and American Law? Does he not remember all I went through while I was living there when trying to obtain the necessary paperwork in order to be there legally? If the truth be known, I wasn’t even living there legally. The only thing that kept me from being deported from that country was the fact that my daughter was born from a Greek national.  Before that I had to travel back and forth every three months to keep an updated stamp in my passport to break-up the time I spent in that country.

He emails me again but only to start up shit…

“What the American legal system requires is no concern of the Greek legal system.

And vice versa, so American law is all that matters here since I am trying to obtain an American passport. What is so hard to understand about that?  What part of that doesn’t he understand?! So I told him…” Maybe if you would listen instead of being so rude by talking over people when they are trying to explain, you wouldn’t have had to waste your time over the last few weeks getting the run around. I already told you what needs to be done. I told you repeatedly over the last two months and still you are trying to figure it out? What will it take for you to listen?”

 I guess that must have pissed him off because he emails back and says, “I am actually surprised that after living in Greece for nine years you do not realize that Greece is a totally different country than USA.”

 OK, now he’s just being a big asshole!

He continues… “Because I realize that and you do not, I have already contacted the united states of America embassy in Athens requesting information and guidance regarding this case in an effort to find a common ground for the two legal systems!”

At that point, I gave up. I don’t see what the purpose is to continue talking with someone who doesn’t listen in the first place. I’m done.

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