Finally home after her long Greek summer

My daughter arrived home a couple of weeks ago. She was terribly exhausted. From the moment she boarded a plane in Greece to the time she landed here, it had been a total of twenty-one and a half hours of travel time. She didn’t sleep at all during any of her flights.

This summer for her was not at all like last summer. She claimed the newness of Greece had worn off since last time and it just seemed like a second home to her. That of course meant she spent most of her time reading books like she does here at home. She made it to the Island of Lefkada but found herself in a book store buying a book to read on the beach.

Things just seemed to be going wrong the latter part of her summer. First, her Aunt’s car broke down so for the most part, they had to take public transportation every where they went. Second, her aunt was spending most of her time babysitting her little cousin who was extremely loud. He would scream all the time and refused to walk even though he is over a year and a half old. As a result, they didn’t go as many places as they could have with this screaming child. And third, her aunt fell and broke her wrist. Which could have been considered a good thing – a break from watching her nephew. I really think she needed the break. The second break, not the first.

I believe the thing that made up for everything else was the birth of her little brother. She wasn’t there when he was born but spent the last three days with him in Greece prior to returning home. She mentioned he just spent most of his time sleeping but she did manage to take pictures with him and they looked so cute together!

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