Where to call home – Torn between two Countries

I’m not sure if any of you have ever been torn between two countries and have had to deal with the decision on which one to call home. Well, I have.

When I lived Greece, I would travel back and forth every three months, stay for about six weeks and then return again. During that long year and a half, I did not know which country to call home. I knew that the states would always be my home country, but I also knew that Greece was the country I would call home till my dying day. (Of course that crashed and burned).

The confusion I experienced wasn’t a choice I had to make because the choice had already been made. It was the going back and forth that created this confusion on where I belonged. For a while, I felt that I didn’t belong in either country as they were both so different as two different worlds could be. I think for me, that confusion all came to end when I no longer traveled back and forth regularly.

My daughter reminds me of myself long ago not knowing where she belongs. For her, Greece will always be her home country and as far as where she will call home in her future is yet to be decided when the time comes. Until then, she lives with this confusion which I believe is a way of trying to find herself. The only thing I can do is be understanding as I have been in her shoes and know exactly what she is going through. Hence the year in Greece – something she feels she needs to do now, or maybe later. The decision is still yet to be made.

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