Comparing his first wife to me

My husband came in to check on me because I wasn't feeling well. I thought that was so sweet and I told him so. At first we started talking about nothing really, but then the conversation shifted over to our daughter as it does from time to time. Since our daughter was born, I have... Continue Reading →

Somethings gotta give

An agreement was made between the two of us that he is not to have any phone calls from anyone during the time we are together. I am not talking about important calls. I am talking about silly calls from women no matter what kind of help they need, even if its computer help. We... Continue Reading →

Infidelity topping the list

I started a conversation with my husband about my medical condition. I am so tired of feeling sick all the time and not being able to do the simplest of tasks around the home, nor take care of our daughter the way she needs to be taken care of. He tells me that my medical... Continue Reading →

I’m not a quitter

Husband has been trying to improve the business and ran a few ideas by me to see what I thought. I agreed that some of the ideas, although rather late, were good ones. I then asked him, “Why are you trying to improve the business now when last year you did nothing to help it?” ... Continue Reading →

Signs during the affair and after

I heard about the book “Not just friends”. It seems to be highly recommended from those who have gone through infidelity in their marriage. So I thought I would look on line to see if I could purchase an e-book of it. Since husband had his computer open, I asked him to look it up.... Continue Reading →

His posting on a forum

A couple of days ago I go to the forum to see what husband has been up to and found a new thread he started about pole dancing. He added a couple of youtube videos of a girl pole dancing and dedicated the thread to a woman friend of his on the forum. His comment... Continue Reading →

What I know about the other woman

I have never spoken to the other woman, but I know enough about her to know what kind of person she is. I've seen how she interacts with others on “that forum” as I have read her posts and replies there. I have read emails she has written to H and can read between the... Continue Reading →

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