A disturbing letter received

Three weeks ago, I received a rather disturbing letter from my x-sister-in-law. We used to write a couple of times a year but that hadn’t happened in the last two years.

The main reason for writing the letter was to tell me all that was going on with them since her father passed away in December. Their struggle financially had been the main focus for them but what stood out even more was when she mentioned her time was very limited. She went on to say that her health was going down hill. She didn’t speak much more of it and returned to the financial issues they all had been facing.

I couldn’t help but think that something more was going on and after a few years of not speaking to one another, I called my X. He had always been an asshole in the past and was very difficult to talk to. I figured now that he was happy in his new marriage with a new child that perhaps his behavior had mellowed. He was first surprised to hear from me after all these years and after reassuring him that all was well with his daughter, he began telling me about his sister after he was asked. He then asked me why I was inquiring about her and I told him of the letter I had received from here. I told him of how she had mentioned that her health was going down hill. He said he speaks to her twice a week and all he has been told was that she is under doctor’s care, taking medication for arthritis and that she was asked to stay off her feet. However, she is not able to take time off work due to the financial crisis she has been faced with.

I don’t know much about arthritis and I find it hard to believe that she would be asked to stay off her feet for that. I know that her mother had died of bone cancer a few years ago and I fear that it might be something related to that.

After speaking with my x and he telling me if I felt strongly enough to go see her, then I should. I thought about it for a while and realized that if something happened to her, and I never saw her, I would live with yet another regret. So, I purchased an airline ticket to accompany my daughter to Greece.

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