I think most have forgotten 9/11, but I never will.

September 11 Newspapers and Headlines

The anniversary of this tragic day has been bothering me for weeks now. I have been trying to get this down, but have been having a difficult time doing so. I don’t know why this year is so different from years past.

Perhaps it’s because we have much more information now than we ever had before and can see more clearly as to what really occurred now that the shock has finally worn off.

Perhaps it’s the sadness we feel in knowing that many of our fellow Americans have actually forgotten or refuse to give a second thought to it now that so many years have passed.

Perhaps it’s just a time in history that was recorded as faded memory in our lives.

In the beginning

We didn’t only find ourselves feeling threatened but the influence of fear by our government was so strong that it overcame most and that put Americans in a position to believe everything they were told and caused most to no longer trust anyone.

Living outside of the country at the time and returning soon after 9/11, I saw the American population as scared shitless, scattered, and suspicious. They were no longer the brave citizens that I once knew. They listened to everything that they were told about what actually had occurred and even though stories were changing from our Government on a daily basis post 9/11, people held on to what they originally heard or seen on TV. Even today, with all that we know now about what really occurred on that horrifying day, people still believe what they were originally told.

Post 9/11 – The loss of trust

Our Government used scare tactics on the American people with great success. People couldn’t even trust their neighbor whom they’ve known for years. Friends were no longer friends, and those friends became the enemy. People became even more suspicious of one another than they were prior to 9/11.

When it came to flying into the country, it was no longer where you were flying in from that mattered, it was the color of your skin and who cared if you had been born and breed here. That no longer mattered. I remember flying post 9/11 and people would give me a look as though I had been the one who planted those explosives in those towers. They were nervous around me and would stare at me during the duration of the flight as though I were going to strangle them in their sleep. It caused me to question the weakness of those around me and how easily they could be manipulated into believing what they were being told.

Post 9/11 – Suffering businesses

There were many International businesses that went belly up post 9/11. The anthrax scare was another tactic used and boy did it work. I had an internet business at the time and sales fell during that first few months post 9/11 and soon became non-existent. People became apprehensive when buying on line and receiving packages from other countries.

Post 9/11 – Those who were there

I had a friend at the time who worked at the Pentagon and on that day, I tried contacting him with no luck. A week later, he contacted me letting me know he was okay. He told me the hole of the building where the damage had occurred was not big enough for a plane. In his words, the time it happened they only heard a loud explosion and there was no signs of any type of wreckage.

After all these years later, where are the people? Those who were terribly effected by what had happened on this day? The family members of those who were said to be on those planes? There were so many relatives of those who lost their lives. It has been too quiet after all these years – continuous questions that I have no answers to.

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