A week extension…really??

What is another week going to do?  Is it really going to help them come to an agreement? I doubt it. I bet they got the approval for their one week extension all because they didn't want to spend the entire weekend working.  I wish the Government would just stop messing with my plans.  Why can't they just get their shit... Continue Reading →

Furlough Friday

I hope there's a Government shut down on Friday, I really need some time off. Some time to sit and think about my next big move. Some time to sort out my thoughts that have been weighing heavily on my mind. Some time to just breathe while relaxing. Hell, even some time to just get... Continue Reading →

If I lay here

Yesterday I took the day off work. It was a planned day off for a "me" day.  Needless to say, it did not turn out as planned. I had been suffering from bad allergies over the last several days and when I woke up, it had went into my chest. I had terrible chest congestion and... Continue Reading →

Going a different route

As stubborn as he is, it’s no wonder why he wanted to take another route. Let’s do things the hard way instead of getting things done much easier and in as little time as possible. Let’s just let time roll on by in hopes that airline ticket prices go sky high, so much in fact,... Continue Reading →

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