I am alive and well in this world of chaos

For those of you wondering where I have been, I’m still around. I could have never imagined I would live to see everything I am seeing out in the world today. I have been home “sheltered in place” since March 25th while watching the world in chaos around me.

I am grateful that I have been able to telework from home during this time as so many others have lost their jobs and are out of work permanently.

I am grateful that the schools closed down and my daughter is safe here at home with me.

Although it has been a struggle to keep work and home life separate, I have continued reminding myself that this won’t be forever.

While my daughter was doing her studies from home, I had to keep her going and even helped her out along the way. I took it upon myself to take on her world history college course and learned so much as a result. She loves history but had to focus on her other courses. In the end, I think we did the best we could while working together.

Now that she is out for the summer, I no longer have to split my time between work and school. What a relief! We did it!

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