He believes she knows why we left

I spoke with him briefly about the passport situation and reminded him that the authorization needed to be signed by him, notarized, and then sent to me. I told him he is holding up the process of purchasing her airline ticket and every day that goes by, the ticket prices go up. He said he... Continue Reading →

The echo in my head

I keep thinking about the conversation we had yesterday.  The way he was acting and the tone of his voice brought back in memory a conversation we had about DD years ago. From the moment the conversation ended, I kept hearing the echo of the words he told me. "You can have her until she is... Continue Reading →

He has the power now

He never replied to my email and I was wondering what was going on. Does he just not want her to go and if not, why doesn't he just say so. DD had already informed him that she wanted to spend time with her aunt and grandfather. So it’s not like he has to be... Continue Reading →

The worry is forever there

Every morning I walk my daughter out to the street to see her off to school. I always hug her, tell her I love her and to have a good day. I constantly worry about her from the moment she steps into the street and heads for the bus stop. I even watch her walk... Continue Reading →

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