Can a marriage survive without that special kind of Love?

For those of us who have been betrayed due to infidelity, we tend to get into the habit of watching other couples to see how their marriage is going or where they are headed. Now that our eyes are wide open, we can see more than the average person when it comes to relationships.

Yesterday we went over to a friend’s house. Actually they are friends of my husband with whom I have befriended as well. They are a very nice couple, although they are together for their own reasons. If asked, they will tell you they do not love each other in the way that normal couples do. They never will admit this in front of each other, only when they are away from one another. In fact, they love each other only as friends and nothing more. So you could imagine my surprise when she told me that she had went through two months of fertility treatments in order to conceive. Keep in mind that just last year they had marital problems and were going to separate.

I can’t help but wonder where they are headed or how long before they hit that big bump in the road. Maybe it’s not for me to question. Still I can’t help but wonder. I worry for them. I don’t want them to go through what we’ve been through.

So how can a marriage survive when there is no “Love”? The kind of love that keeps couples together, forcing them to fight for one another, to stay together and to work things out? Its hard enough having that special type of “Love” and going through infidelity or other problems in a marriage, but what about those who don’t?

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