A Father and Daughter Relationship

What I saw today brought tears to my eyes. I saw a young father teaching his 4 year old daughter how to ride a bike. I hadn’t seen that in years and watched in amazement how patient he was with her.  How he walked her through each little step. How she rode and he ran along side her all the while prepared to catch her when she fell.

When my daughter came outside, she began watching along with me. With tears in her eyes, she said,  “that is a nice relationship they have.”  A great sorrow came over me as I could feel her pain of the emptiness that her father has left in her.  I could tell she wished she had had that relationship with her father and even though I have been playing both roles for years, it will never make up for the loss of her father being in her life.

The anger built within me as I saw her watch the two while we drove away.  She just put her  head down while trying to hold back the tears. I was speechless and had no words of comfort for her. I just gave her the quietness she needed in order to pull herself together.

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