End of school year and vacation preparation

I’m so so sorry I have been absent from my blog. I have been extremely busy with my daughter. It’s literally been crazy with school year end, graduation and preparing her for her summer vacation.

During this time of year, I am trying to get my daughter finished up with school. She usually starts dragging during the last month of school each year. There is just so much that is put on them and by the time the end of the school year rolls around, they are completely exhausted. This gets me exhausted as well, and as such, I didn’t send her to school on her last day.

Besides being busy, with year end for my daughter, I have been helping her prepare for her trip overseas. It has been difficult to say the least and I have been so stressed out.  Last time I sent her to Greece, she was ten but had an escort. This time, I was not allowed to obtain one for her as Air Canada does not provide it. She had a 55 minute layover in Toronto on the scheduled ticket I had purchased for her months ago. But after worrying about it for three weeks, I called the airline only to be told that was not enough time to get her connecting flight. I was also told that if she missed her flight, she would have to stay the night at the airport because they only have one flight to Greece a day.  I was then offered a change of flight for a four hour layover for the amount of $350.00 and I jumped on it. I would pay any amount for peace of mind and that I did.

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