Bloom where you are Planted


This was always a phrase that expats would use back in the day. It taught us that when you find yourself in a place where you didn’t really choose to be, and then realized you were going to stay a while, you had to welcome the change with open arms. It taught us to learn to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities in our new found country.

Well I’m no longer living in a foreign country, but I am living in another state. It was not part of the plan to come to this state from California four years ago and stay here for as long as we have. It was only supposed to be temporary and then move on again. I have always been the type of person who has never stayed in any one place too long.

Over the last few years, I knew that all this moving from place to place would eventually come to an end. I had told myself that wherever I was prior to my daughter entering high school, I would have to remain until she finished her education. It is almost like a game of musical chairs. When the music stops, that’s where you sit. That time has now come.

After what has seemed like a lifetime of thought, we have bought a house and will finally plant roots. 

I have always believed that distancing yourself from the place you grew up is the fastest way to determine what ties you have to places and whether they’re strong enough to keep you there. I’m not sure if this place is strong enough to keep me here, but I am determined to get as much out of it while I am here.

I am ready to make this home and to start new memories that will last a lifetime!

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