What I know about the other woman

I have never spoken to the other woman, but I know enough about her to know what kind of person she is. I’ve seen how she interacts with others on “that forum” as I have read her posts and replies there. I have read emails she has written to H and can read between the lines as to how she felt and what kind of person she really is. Putting all this together, along with what H has told me and I know more about her then she thinks.

She is married, is one year older than me and has a teenage son. She is a very unhappy woman and is only with her husband for financial security. She doesn’t like to see anyone having any type of fun and puts down anything that doesn’t appeal to her, which also includes people. She doesn’t have many friends and is the type of person who will do everything she can to make herself look good. She speaks very highly of herself and puts down Americans like there’s no tomorrow. She is a communist and proud to be.

In a couple of emails I read of hers, she was actually keeping score on the two of us, while referring to me as “the American”. In one email I read, she told H that she is more of a woman then me. Actually according to H, she has said that on more than one occasion. He claimed he corrected her and one email I read does prove that he told her that I am more of a woman that she could ever be. Actually it stated something like I eat ***** women for lunch (the asterisks meaning the nationality of this country). If it weren’t for that email, I wouldn’t have believed him at all.

She is a rather large woman and is not a pleasant looking one at that. I am not just saying this because she is the other woman, it is actually true. When my husband first showed me a picture of her, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This particular picture she sent H was four years old. He said when he saw her in person, she was a whole lot bigger than in the picture he had seen. He didn’t like that much, but felt he had to move forward with it.

I couldn’t believe he would ever go with someone that large. After all, during all the months up to my finding the proof, he would show me pictures of beautiful woman on the Internet and would say, “If I ever went out on you, it would be with someone like this”. Little did I realize at the time, it was with someone who was the complete opposite in appearance? I guess it was just a case of the-more-the-cushion-the better-the pushin’.

She is a computer teacher or so she says. I find that hard to believe though. While seeing her interact on “that forum” regarding computer related issues, she doesn’t seem to know much at all. Put it this way, I know more about computers then she does, but then again, while teaching in this country, you don’t really have to know much about the subject matter.

She is very unstable in her personality and vision of how things are in reality. That could be due to the fact that she has mental problems that she takes medication for. When she is off her medication, it blinds her to how things really are and causes her to lost control.

Being this unhappy, it’s no wonder why she looks for others outside her marriage to fill the void if only temporarily. Unfortunately, one day, she will get busted by her husband and when she does, there goes her financial security. Nothing has to be done on my part in order for that to occur. Someday it will bite her in the ass when she least expects it. For as they say, what goes around comes around.

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