The other women sends a chat authorization request

This afternoon, my husband tells me that when he went to work this morning, he found an authorization request waiting for him in his chat program. It was from the other woman. Usually when he gets chat requests, he authorizes them because most are members from the forum he moderates, always want to be added in case they need computer advice or just want to chat. When he went to authorize her, he recognized her email address and quickly denied her. He was relieved saying that was a close one. If he hadn’t been paying attention, she would have been added. That is not to say that she wouldn’t be able to contact him where ever she wanted to. Which brings me to this…

Why did she send a request to be added when she could have just sent him a message? Maybe she was trying to see if he wanted to start up regular contact again? With her strange way of thinking, it seems like she would have followed up with a message asking why he didn’t add her on his list. But according to husband, that never happened.

I took the opportunity to warn him that since the anniversary of them first getting together is next month, I’m sure she will try and contact him. I explained that when she does, he will need to tell me so I can finally put a stop to all this by contacting her husband. I think this is getting ridiculous. For the first time, he agreed. Now that he knows this, let’s see if he tells me when the next contact attempt is made.

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