Finding out after all these years

I just discovered from my daughter why her aunt (M) doesn't like her new sister-in-law. While my daughter was in Greece, M kept telling her that she really wanted to talk to me, but because of the language barrier, she was not able to do so. My daughter told her that whatever she wanted to tell... Continue Reading →

One year ago today

One year ago today was the last time my husband saw the other woman “V”. Although, to be honest, I still have my doubts that it was the last time. All I know is that this same day last year was one of the two times they met. H on the other hand, doesn’t seem to remember... Continue Reading →

Is she another “other woman”?

Yesterday when I wrote “his version of the story from beginning to end”, I thought that the story got pretty complicated for anyone to follow once “A” started becoming part of it. It’s one thing having to deal with the “other woman” and quite another to have another women mixed up in the mess as well.... Continue Reading →

The story of the other woman

My husband and I have not been going out for the last two months because I had been rather sick. So today, we went out for a long lunch down by the lake. Prior to going out, I had emailed an article for him to read. I thought this would help him understand what needs... Continue Reading →

Questions about the other woman

For those of you who have been following my story. No, we have not yet discussed the situation of our marriage. I don’t know if he has finally come to the point of taking full responsibility for what he has done or if he has decided to start working on the marriage. It doesn’t seem... Continue Reading →

Pictures of the other woman

As far as I had known, the pictures he had of the other woman was deleted off our home computer a couple of days after I found out about his affair. He deleted them right in front of me saying that he wanted to put this all behind us. Keep in mind, this was five months ago.... Continue Reading →

What I know about the other woman

I have never spoken to the other woman, but I know enough about her to know what kind of person she is. I've seen how she interacts with others on “that forum” as I have read her posts and replies there. I have read emails she has written to H and can read between the... Continue Reading →

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