The Call

Around 10 PM, me and H were sitting having a quiet conversation. We had a very good evening, just the two of us and I didn’t think that anything could possibly ruin it. As we were talking, his cell phone rings and he answers it. I motioned to him asking who it was, but he wouldn’t tell me. For him not to tell me, I knew it was someone he shouldn’t be speaking to. I got close to him and heard a woman’s voice. I thought to myself, maybe there’s a problem on “that forum”. Then I thought, if there is a problem, H checks the forum regularly, not to mention, there is at least one other moderator around at any given time. So why would anyone call him?

H had his laptop open in front of him and started typing in an address to a blog while he was still on the phone. It was the blog of a woman who has targeted a few members on “that forum” and writes about them on a daily basis. On the top of her blog was a scrolling marquee that had H business phone number displayed for all to see. H was calm on the phone in a laid back sort of way. I couldn’t help but wonder who this woman was he was talking to, or why she would even call him about this blog since he checks it on a regular basis.

The phone call lasted only a short while. When H hung up, I asked him who it was. Without looking at me and with calmness in his voice, he said it was “A”. While he said her name, he continued taking snap shots of the marquee on the blog, as though he were feeding on something he needed, in order to survive. This blog has been a huge part of our lives since August of last year. So much in fact, that H got physically sick over the content he was reading. He is the main target on this woman’s blog and for whatever reason, so is “A”. The jealously this woman has for H and “A” tells me so much.

I was very upset to say the least. H knows he is not suppose to have any type of contact with “A”. When I reminded him of this, he used the excuse that she called him. Just because she called him doesn’t mean he had to speak to her.

I then ask him, “Do you mean to tell me that if “V” calls you, you will have to take the call and speak to her and that’s not considered contact?”

He said, “No, I won’t”, while sitting there completely ignoring me and acting as though it were crucial for him to continuing take snap shots of the blog.

I then asked him, “How does “A” know your business phone number?” He replied, “Phone numbers are easy to find in this country.” Well if they are easy to find, then why is it such a big deal that this woman has placed his business phone number in public view for all to see?

What I cannot understand is why would “A” call H for this small detail on a blog, when she didn’t call him back in January before exposing his affair on “that forum”. She was so upset with him at the time. She told him how upset she was for him using her and then told him she wanted nothing more to do with him. There is no way they took it into chat that day or even the day after. It had to be over the phone. She would have wanted to tell him off and I believe that is what she did, even though H claims otherwise.

H told me he was just as surprised as I was that “A” called him but he had no surprised look on his face. In fact, it was quite the opposite. They talked as though they were two very good friends.

This call totally ruined our evening. We haven’t had one like this in a very long time. H said he would start shutting off his cell phone at 10 PM. He has been staying this for months and still has not done so. I don’t know why he just doesn’t tell people to not call him over such little details that can be emailed or sent by private message. He’s on line throughout the day and most of the night as it is, and everyone on that forum knows it.

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