Will she talk to his mom at the party?

Last year I wrote about a boy/girl party that my daughter had been invited to. It was her first and she was very nervous. She was invited by a boy who had an interest in her and that just added to the pressure of it all. However, during the party, she pretty much sat and spoke with the mother the entire evening and after that, the boy lost interest in her.

Well, yesterday she was invited to a birthday party of another boy. As he handed her the invitation, he told her,  “Hey, I’d like you to come to my birthday party even if you are just going to talk to my mom.”

The word finally got out. Apparently, the boy asked his friend if he should invite her to the party and his friend told him, “No, she’ll only talk to your mom. ” 🙂

My daughter tends to find the conversations of older adults much more interesting, whereas conversations of those her own age seem to bore her. She feels the kids are too immature and don’t seem to know much about the world we live in or even about life itself. I guess you just have to get good conversation where you can find it. She is so much like me at her age.

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  1. This was interesting! I have two teenage boys, 19 & 18. They have had parties since they were around 14ish.. when they invited girls, I found the girls were very nervous and often times found themselves hanging out near me. Asking if they could help, or talking about school and friends. I hope your daughter has a good time, and if she wants to hang out with the mom? Go for it. 😊

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