A coworker finds out about his wife or does he already know?

I was talking to a new employee who happen to know the wife of my co-worker. When he came in to talk with us, he asked her if she knew his wife being that she had just came from the same office where she had been for the last few years. She was shocked to hear that the woman she had worked beside for years was actually married. She mentioned to him that she had known his wife for years, but since the wife never wore a wedding ring or mentioned she was married, she had no idea.

After hearing her blunt way of  speaking with him, I turned to look at him. The look on his face was not one of shock at all. In fact, he just stood there as this woman told him all she knew about his wife. While hearing her explain all this to him, I knew there was much more that she wasn’t telling him.

Once the conversation was over, he left. After he knew I was gone, he returned to her office and told her not to tell me anything more about his wife. When she told me this, I knew there was more to the story and since I worked along side him, he probably didn’t want to feel any worse than he already did.

Come to find out, what she held back from telling him was that his wife was having an affair with a coworker for over a year.

When he started working here, I thought something was up between him and his wife. She was always gone on weekends and every opportunity he got to go out in the field, he would take. He would be gone for weeks at a time, even though he could come home every night. I remember asking him if his wife was okay with it and he would always say she was, mostly because she was never around.

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