Watched an R rated movie with my Daughter for the first time

As you know, my daughter is 15 and loves to read. She reads all kinds of novels, except for romance. However, last night she told me about a movie that came out on a book she had just read and wanted to us to watch it together. All she told me was that it was a romance movie that takes place in Italy. So, being that I am such a romantic and love watching movies that take place overseas, we sat down to watch it.

The story line was basically about a family who took in an American friend for the summer who went there to work with the man of the house.

As I watched, I was waiting to see what two individuals would get together. At first, it was difficult to tell. The young boy who was 17 had gotten together with a girl and before the sex scene started, my daughter mentioned it was an R rated movie.  I then thought to myself,  she is 15, so how bad could it be. I thought great, young love, and figured that is why my daughter was interested in the book.

The movie then began focusing more on the boy and his infatuation with the American man. Needless to say, the movie not only focused on them a great deal, but began dragging during their intimate time together. From the corner of my eye, I could see my daughter watching me to see what my expression would be or how I would react to it.

Once the movie was over, she asked me what I thought. I told her I liked the movie, especially the part where the father of boy knowing what had occurred, showed support to his son in what he had experienced.  My daughter seemed relieved. She told me that at first she was uncertain if she should ask me to watch it with her because she was unsure of how I would react. She seemed surprised to see me watch the movie as I do with any other one we have watched together.

Just because I am older than the average mother of a 15 year old, doesn’t mean I am not an open minded individual. If she has ever questioned it in her mind, she now knows the answer.

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