His reply to my email

The reply to my email (you can read it here) was not at all what I expected, nor did it make any sense.

Here is his reply:

It is exhausting enough saying one thing to another person,  the other person understanding something different and then transferring it to a third person in a totally different way so that the third person emails you back with something totally different.
Just like you said, I have made arrangements and I have made plans.
Have a nice day!
He tells her to tell me to email him, so I do, and then he sends a reply email to me like this?!

After his reply was received, my daughter was told by her father that he would go and pick her up and take her back to Athens for her last week in Greece.

If you ask me, the guy has the money, so I don’t know why he is trying to make her life so difficult.

2 thoughts on “His reply to my email

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  1. I don’t understand his behavior. He is only making himself look bad in her eyes.

    I did ask my daughter how she was feeling about the entire situation with her dad and she told me she really doesn’t know how to feel about it. I think she is still processing.

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