Greece Bound for Summer

air canada

My daughter has been wanting to go to Greece to spend time with her aunt and grandfather. Some of you may remember the difficulties we faced last year in renewing her passport. Well I am happy to announce, she has her new passport and is ready for the long journey overseas.

The last time she went back to Greece was when she was ten. She flew with Lufthansa and they provided an escort for her since she was under age. They treated her very well and made her travel experience fun and exciting. So, I decided to look them up in hopes that she could fly with them again.

Have you ever noticed that when you go on line to begin searching for an airline ticket, the prices seem to go up every 15 minutes? 

I knew that once I got on line to purchase the ticket, I would have to do so quickly. When I searched for Lufthansa, all I found was Air Canada that way and Lufthansa back. The times were great and the price was less than I had expected to pay, so I decided to snag the flight before prices started going up.

As I began to complete the information for the purchase of the ticket and got down to her year of birth, as soon as I put it in, a message appeared:

“This passenger must be 16 years of age prior to the date of the flight”.  I quickly decided to pick up the phone and call Air Canada directly.

The man who answered informed me that the reason why I was not able to purchase the ticket was because my daughter was under the age of 16. That, I already knew. I then explained to him that was the reason for my call. I inquired regarding their escort service for minor children under the age of 16 and was told they do not provide an escort service for children, only for those who require wheelchairs.

I then asked him, “You do not provide an escort for minor children but they are free to purchase a ticket and travel alone internationally?”

He replied, “Yes. Air Canada does not take responsibility for minor children traveling alone. If her flight is canceled or delayed, we will give her a hotel voucher, but here in Canada children are not able to check into a hotel without a parent. So, you will have to make sure she has enough money and a cell phone as she will have to remain at the airport.”

After a few minutes of thinking about what he had just said, I tell him to proceed with the ticket purchase.

When I got off the phone, I informed my daughter of the ticket purchase and that it will be her sole responsibility to make sure she makes her connecting flight within an hour. I went on to tell her that if she misses her flight, she will have to shed some tears to see if they will put her on the next flight out. If not, she will remain at the airport until I purchase another ticket for her to return home. And if this happens, she will miss out on her entire summer in Greece. At that point, she became very nervous and stressed saying she wasn’t sure if she could do it.

At that point, I felt a little nervous for her myself and I tried very hard not to start stressing with all those thoughts floating around in my head of what could happen. She has always told me she wanted to be a traveler, well, here was her opportunity.

Two days later, the way I was feeling quickly disappear when she sent me this:

I’ve come up with a system on how this is going to work…

eagle about to fly

When I’m about to board and then get ready for take off…

A bald eagle dives for a fresh kokanee, taken at Coeur d'Alene Lake Idaho
When I am about to land…


When I’ve landed


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  1. Thanks for sharing your past experience Natalie. She is feeling much better about making the connecting flight but as the time gets closer she will begin to get a little nervous. But in the end, I believe she will make it.

  2. She will be fine. My parents divorced when i was young, my brother and I flew across the country every summer. We stoped getting an escort when i was 10. Cover stranger danger and tell her to watch her bag. An hr connection is very double. Tell her as soon as she lands in Canada she needs to go to the counter and ask an agent where the connecting gate is and book it over to that gate and not to delay for any reason. Once she gets to the next gate she can visits the washroom or get a snack. She will have alot of fun this summer. Pack alot of sunscreen because we are predicting a hot summer! This sj so exciting for her and for you!!

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