The Guilt Trip

When I purchased my daughter’s airline ticket, she told her father she would be going  Greece for the summer. He asked her if she would be spending any time with him and she told she would for the week he would be off on summer vacation. He seemed to not like that much at all.

In fact his reply was: “I will pick you up from the airport and will drive you straight to  your aunt’s then!”

My daughter felt a little bad not fully understanding why he was acting that way.

I can understand how hard it has been for my daughter as she has not had much of a relationship with him over the years.  There has been no phone calls, no birthday cards, no texts and no Christmas gifts. I believe the worst part of it has been when he contacts her via Skype, all he talks about is himself. He never asks her how she is doing or how she has been. He doesn’t even ask her about school. The truth is, he only started communicating with her prior to last summer only because he thought she would be going for the summer.

What kind of father tries to make his daughter feel guilty over something that is beyond her control?  The answer: A father who plays the victim to circumstances he has created.

When I heard he was picking her up from the airport, I emailed him the flight information so he would know when she would be arriving. He then emailed back saying he would pay for half the ticket and that he would be picking her up from the airport and would be taking her to her aunts.

I was shocked that he offered to pay for half the ticket. But that is yet to be seen. He hasn’t been there to help provide for our daughter since we left years ago when she was five. So why would he even offer to start now?

Just in case things turn sour, or in the end, he doesn’t pick her up from the airport, she will have money on her to purchase a ticket to fly to her aunt once she arrives in Greece.

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