A breach of agreement

Just about everyone on the Internet has heard of Craig’s list. All kinds of items are sold there and people flock to buy. However, we also know that this site is a place that advertises “free sex”. People place ads on there looking for sex and covering it up with needing an escort or someone to just hang out with. Women coming to this country for vacation, advertise there as needing a tour guide. And if its a woman, she is strictly asking for a man. Need I say more?

Now tell me, why would a married man go to this site and look under personals in the country where he resides? Could it be that he is looking for some “free sex”? Or is it just curiosity to see what he is missing from having the old ball and chain around?

Besides Craig’s list, I also know that H is still in contact via email with a woman from “that forum”. This is a breach of an agreement that was made when I gave him the conditions for me staying. He is not to have ANY contact with women via the Internet and he knows it. I guess he really doesn’t care and is just pushing the envelope to see how far he can go. I am so tired of all this. I guess now I have to live up to my request and the consequences will have to be enforced. Otherwise, he will think I was blowing hot air and that was not the case at all.

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