A suspicious mind

Once a person has been affected by Infidelity, their eyes are now open, their radar goes up and they watch and wait to see what’s coming next. They question events that might occur and wonder if the answers given are genuine or not when told to them by their spouse. As time goes by, they no longer question these events; instead, they just make a mental note and wait to see if anything develops over time.

I am so tired of being suspicious when something out of the ordinary happens. H cell phone hasn’t rang for weeks, at least when he is home. So when it did at a very odd hour, I couldn’t help but wonder who it could possibly be.

H was taking a nap during the time the call came through. The first time his phone rang, he did not get it out of his pocket in time. However, he did look at the number and before putting the phone away, I asked him who it was. He said it was a moderator from “that forum”. About a minute later, his phone rang again. He picks it up, looks at the number, but doesn’t answer it. I asked him why he didn’t answer his phone and his reason was that he was half awake and half asleep. Then the third time it rang, he got the phone, looked at the number, and still would not answer it. I told him to just answer it when it rings again. Sure enough when the phone rang a fourth time, he answered and left the room talking.

When H returned, he told me the guy needed computer help and would be calling him back later. I wonder if this is actually true. No one from “that forum” has contacted him all summer to even ask where he is or how he’s doing. Now out of nowhere, someone calls him to ask for computer help? What is also strange is that the owner of said forum, along with other members there, know computers quite well. So why didn’t the guy take his computer related questions to someone else?

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