He has the upper hand

I was actually floored when I heard H say that he wanted to secure me with a place of my own. At first, I felt as though he were trying to get rid of me faster than I could say good bye. It still hadn’t sunk in yet. Deep down, I guess I still believed that he would come to me and say he loved me and couldn’t live without me. But that thought quickly left my mind, when I began to realize just how selfish he was actually being. He knows the reason why I came to this country in the first place, and without him in my life, why would I even remain here?

It seems so unfair that he was the one who betrayed me. He lied to me all those months. Letting me find out through an email because he couldn’t bring himself to come to me to tell me what he had done. Then during the months that followed, he continued all he was doing to hurt me over and over again, while showing no remorse for any of it. All the while, I had to learn to accept all he had done and work on my own self-healing to move past it. Now, I have been put in this awkward position of us co-existing together under one roof. And to make matters even worse, now he wants me to remain in this country, where I have no family, no friends and no life of my own. He had the upper hand this entire time and still does.

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