Email Collectors

There are people who collect letters when they write to one another . These letters are collected due to sentimental value of friendship or love. The letters are then put away and at a later time, possibly years, they are pulled out and reread. Letter collectors are similar to email collectors. The only difference with email collectors is that everything is saved on the computer, hidden away.

Email collectors are the ones who spend most of their time behind the computer usually at work or even at home. They dedicate all their free time to their second love, their computer. If you have ever known an email collector, you will know that their computer is full of folders with all sorts of strange names, especially when they are trying to hide information from others. While hiding, they tend to put folders within folders and categorize them as some form of important system file. I have no idea why these email collectors don’t use another method to save their emails, like an extended hard drive or even a USB stick – something they can carry around with them at all times.

My husband is an email collector and even though he has external storage devices, he failed to save them there. The other day when I was going through his business computer, he said he was very uncomfortable that I was going through his stuff or as he puts it, invading his privacy. A huge red flag goes up indicating to me that he has something to hide. Something that I would possibly run across. I thought that he had cleaned up that system too, but now I was sure he hadn’t.

You know that old saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure? Well that is just not the case here.

He has another email account in yahoo. The other day on the forum, he changed his contact email address to a yahoo email address so that members can contact him there. I don’t have the password and tried a few that he has used in the past but none of them worked. Obviously, he is using a different password but at least I know where the emails are going. Not only that, but on our home computer where emails were going to his private email account that I had access to, he decided to delete the account so he would only be able to retrieve those emails on his business computer. So now I cannot see emails going to that account either.

I then decided to confront him to see what he had to say about it…. “I see you have changed your contact email address on the forum to a yahoo account so that members can email you there. If you have nothing to hide like you keep claiming, just like before I found out about your dirty little secret, then why are you hiding and being so secretive?”

He replied by saying, “I am using this email account because my other email account is getting full of junk emails. I have nothing to hide.”

I then say, “Okay then, lets go over to the computer and bring up your yahoo account. Let’s check it out, shall we?”

He was very nervous at this point and followed me not even saying a word. Once we got to the computer, I put in the user name. “Okay what’s the password,” I ask.

Looking at me as if he had already told me, he says, “I don’t know the password.”

What do you mean you don’t know the password?” I ask.

I don’t remember it,” he says. “I haven’t used that account for a long time.”

Oh, you haven’t used that account for a long time but all of sudden, a few days ago, you go on the forum and you put it in as a new contact email address for members to contact you there? If members are sending you emails there, how are you getting them if you don’t know the password?”

I don’t know why I did that,” he said. Trying to think fast, he quickly changes his mind and says, “Actually that email account is my user name on the chat program I use.”

Okay, that’s your user name for your chat program. But members could get that email address from the forum and email you to that yahoo account and you don’t have that password to get into it. So that doesn’t make any sense.”

After not having a comment to that and sticking to his story, I decided to let it go. These conversations are getting old fast. I know there is more going on here but I also know I cannot continue beating a dead horse. Things will eventually come to light.

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