Where are his friends?

I find it hard to believe that all his friends have strayed. He tells me he’s not in chat, which I am highly doubtful. On top of that, all the continuous floods of phone calls and text messages all hours of the day and night have died down to nothing at all. And there is not a single personal email or private message to him on the forum either. What is going on? If he is receiving emails, I have no idea what account they are going to. When I confronted him to ask why things have died down and there is no more contact from friends, he just says, he never really had friends.

He continually tells me he is going to leave the forum and that he will contact the owner (due to his moderator status) but he doesn’t do it. He understands that being on the forum is a constant reminder of the other woman, since she is still a member there and will eventually contact him again. Even if he were to leave the forum, he will not lose the friends he has made there, since he will continue contact with them through emails and chat.

Out of no where, he grabbed my cell phone and starts going through my received calls list. While he was on my cell, I grabbed his and started doing the same. I started checking his list of calls made and found a woman of the forum on the top of his list. A woman who is a very close friend of another woman H lead me to believe he had something going with for three long weeks.

Out of curiosity, I ask him, “Why did you call her?”

His reply…”I don’t remember calling her”.

She is on the top of your list as the last person you called”, I say.

Not knowing how to get out of this one and just like all the other times, he tries to think fast and says, “that must have been when I called her to find out where they were going to be meeting for coffee on the day of the forum meeting. That’s the last time I remember talking to her.”

That meeting was a month ago,” I say. Knowing he is about to lie to me, I continue anyway and ask him, “Are you telling me that you haven’t called anyone on your cell in a month?”

He said, “Probably not, I don’t really call anyone.”

Knowing he will probably give me off-the-wall answers, I tell him..”You called me, your sister and best friend on your cell within the last month and none of our names are registered on your list of calls made.” At this point, I accidentally delete the call list and all the proof was gone. I was upset but continued anyway. I then started explaining as if I were talking to a child… “When you make a call from your cell phone, the top person listed on the calls you’ve made is the last person you called. Calls have been made to others since you claimed you last spoke with her, so those other calls should be registered above hers and they are not. This indicates that she was the last person you contacted.

He then said, “I probably went through the calls I made and deleted selective ones.”

Curious to see what more he would say, I went on...Why would you do that? Why would you delete me, your sister and best friend and leave this woman and other people on your outgoing calls list?

He had nothing to say about that. I was so upset at the fact that he couldn’t even tell me the truth and admit that he had called her. What accelerated the situation even more was the fact that the calls he received were not even registered. Those calls had all been deleted.

What the hell is wrong with you?!” I ask. “If I say Green, you say Blue. We are not even communicating here!”

Feeling quite disgusted over the entire situation, I ask him…”Is there something else I need to know? Did you call this woman to find out about the other woman friend of yours who hasn’t been on the forum for quite some time, no longer has a cell phone or Internet access at work?”

No I haven’t”, he says with a smirk.

At this point, I knew he was reacting this way intentionally to get me upset. “I’m not going to be on your ass. That’s no way to live. If you can just try to be honest. I know you’re a liar but can you try to be honest for once? If you have anything to say, just say it before I catch you. If I find out that you have done anything with anyone else, not just with this person you say. It will be immediately over. Me and your daughter will be out of here quicker then you can say bye. I will not put up with this. Lie to me once, fine. Lie to me twice, no way! So if you have anything to say, you’d better do so now.”

Trying to keep a straight face, he says, “there hasn’t been anyone else.”

I cannot really believe that, can I. After all, you told me there was no one to begin with.”, I say.


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