Unfaithful Friday – The biggest day of the year for Infidelity


It is said that today is the biggest day of the year for them cheaters out there to have one last hop in the sack before breaking it off for the holidays in order to spend time with family.

I can see it now. Cheaters, whether male or female are not only having a great day today or at least they think they are. But in the back of their minds, they are asking themselves how they are going to pull it off during the holidays while spending time with family. Not only that, but their biggest concern is the growing worry of their mistresses and wondering if they will wait for them upon returning after the holidays. I can see it now. Once the texts, calls, and physical appearances vanish, they will become lonely and as a result, they will go out and find someone else to have a little fling of their own.

It must be so emotionally draining with the thoughts that run through the mind of a cheater during this time of year. It’s amazing how they can compartmentalize their lives when it comes to their betrayals, but yet have such a fogged up head that they cannot even decide what it is that they really want.

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