What kind of marriage could this ever be?

I read a story of a man whose marriage was affected by Infidelity. After three years, he is calling it quits. His needs have not been met and it’s time to move on. I knew right then and there exactly what he meant. His wife has not helped him heal, been there for him whenever he needed to talk and she has possibly even told him that so much time has went by, that he needs to just get over it. Apparently, his wife has not worked hard enough to save their marriage. As a betrayed spouse, I know exactly how he feels. We all get to a point where we know enough is enough. We try all we can, giving our all, and still, our spouse doesn’t want to try as hard. To them, the marriage is not as important as it is to us. After all, they are the ones who stepped out of the marriage and betrayed us.

As I read this man’s story, my heart sank. I put myself in his situation if only for a minute. I realized that this could be me if I stayed and continued on this dead end road. If we are not moving forward now, where will we be in three years? I can only assume, we will be in the exact same place we are now. The only difference is that we will have gained three years in age.

I don’t want to waste my life with a man who doesn’t “get it” by telling me he doesn’t know what remorse is. He may tell me he is sorry when I ask him to, but that doesn’t really mean anything if it doesn’t come from the heart. He may take care of me, but without the love to make this marriage work, we are just co-existing together. What kind of marriage could this ever be?

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