Isn’t it enough?

As time has went by, I have begun to reach my limits as to what I will put up with and what I will not. I have begun to stand my ground, knowing that there is not much more I can take.

Isn’t it enough that I left the forum and closed down my chat programs?”

The above words keep echoing in my head. First of all, he may have shut down his chat programs, but he never really left the forum. He refused to allow the owner to delete him and even told the owner that he would return at a later time. To me, that says he is only taking a break.

In one hand, he has the forum. In the other hand, he has the marriage. It must be quite difficult to decide, which one is more important to him. If his marriage was more important, he would have left the forum for good and never looked back. But that is not the case. I know exactly how much he values this marriage and it isn’t much.

He continues bringing up the forum as though it were a lost love that he misses very deeply. If his leaving the forum had come from the heart, he would not be regretting the decision he made. He didn’t leave the forum to help us and this marriage. He left the forum for the time being, in order to shut me up.

No, it’s not enough that he is just taking a break from the forum. Now if he would have left it for good, and started working on this marriage, then yes, it would have been enough. It would have shown me what is more important to him. It would have shown me that he finally realizes the damage he has caused here, and is now willing to help repair it.

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  1. The Forum has been part of my daily life and routine since Autumn of 2004.
    I have more that 23000 posts over there.
    I have uploaded hundreds of pictures, 27 articles, I have made a few friends and several acquaintances.
    I have provided computer help for free to hundreds of people I have never met in my life.
    I have given away on my expense, CDs for free (as in free beer) Free & Open Source Software.
    I have talked on line to wonderful people who had actually something to say.

    YES, I miss it.
    YES, it has taken me a long time to finally realize I had to let go.

    It is not just any forum. It is different, in a way that no one that is not a member can understand.
    Therefore I shall not attempt to do so either.

    But… if YOU were the forum owner, and one of your top rated members wanted out, respecting his wish to leave, but not willing to cause turmoil on the forum such as :

    – “Where is the H???”.
    – “You deleted him you filthy owner???” will just want everything to be done in secrecy and in peace right?

    Therefore he did not delete my account, probably just locked it up.
    Why would you ask… “probably locked the account”


    I have not logged in in a period of almost a month.
    As such, I am not aware even if the account is locked, b-locked or other ***locked.

    I simply do not know.
    Sure some times I have visited the forum as another anonymous user, one of the several thousands that do so everyday.

    But I have not logged in and it shows on my profile, the last login day, June 27th, 2008.

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