Memory flashbacks

If you have been affected by Infidelity and are currently in your second marriage, you will find yourself having flashbacks when there is a repeat occurrence in your second marriage, which resembles that of your first. Your mind tends to wonder to your past life as though it was yesterday, and all the anger and frustration comes along with it. At times the memory comes on so thick that it feels as though you are actually back in time, living the same exact day over again.

These flashbacks started occurring back in December, a few days after I found out about H affair. I then had another in January and that was it. It was a difficult time for me back then. A time of feeling so betrayed by the one and only person I truly loved and trusted. It was so over whelming for me and there was no end to my pain.

Over the months, I began healing, and as a result, the pain is no longer as strong as it once was. I can see clearly now. I have accepted everything for what it is. However, the not moving forward in this marriage and just floating here has caused the flashbacks to return. This is the only reason I can come up with, as to why the memories of my past life keep haunting me.

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