An email he received

The other day when I asked H to remove all the women from his chat programs, he didn’t quite understand the reason behind it. I should have been more specific in telling him that I no longer wanted him to converse with other women. If I would have done so, then maybe he would have stopped it completely.

When I spoke with H yesterday and asked him how many people knew he had left the forum. He told me that “G” was one of the three people who knew. Now why would he tell her, when they are not close friends? That didn’t make much sense to me, but I let it go. I figured he had probably told her about leaving the forum prior to actually leaving.

I saw an email from H to “G” saying that his day did not start off very well for him. But once he received her email, that all changed. Her email actually brightened his day. I remember when H used to send me emails like that. It was during the time when we were in the beginning phase of our relationship. He almost made it sound like he had the worst life imaginable to man and I brightened his day like no one else could.

H has never been close to “G”. Sure she has given him astrology readings but that was as far as it has gone. However, in private messages on the forum, I began to notice how they started getting closer in the last couple of months. He would send her a “Good Morning” private message daily, excluding weekends. She would then reply and they would wish each other a nice day. I do know there were a few private messages that were deleted from H message box. I could tell by the forward RE..RE..RE, which shows how many messages were exchanged between the two of them. I know why this was. Because H knew that I was checking his messages regularly.

When H arrived home from work, I asked him how his day went like I always do and he said it was an ordinary day. <—– He had never said that before.

I then ask, “Was there something that happened this morning that caused your day to begin badly?”

No”, he said, “it was just a regular day.”

I guess at one point, I must have been talking so much that H grabbed the TV remote, pointed it at me and acted as though he were shutting me off. I got upset by the way he acted. I felt as though he was disrespecting me for no apparent reason.

He then asked, “What is this all about?”

Being disrespectful like he was, I thought it best to not discuss the situation with him for fear that the conversation would turn ugly. So I told him “nothing”.

He then said, “You must have logged into the forum and saw tons of private messages in my in box.”

No, I haven’t,” I said

He then asked, “Did someone email you? You must have see an email from someone.”

I told him I had not. At that moment, I thought he must have figured it out. I was waiting for him to say something more about the email, but he never did.

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