He will learn who his true friends are

H told me that he hasn’t logged on to the forum, but he did go to the site today to check it out. He noticed that two people have realized that he hasn’t been around in a week. Another member sent him a text message asking him where he was, since he hadn’t seen him on the forum either. H didn’t tell the guy he left the forum indefinitely. Instead, H told him that he wasn’t on the forum due to personal reasons. H seemed quite down that more members didn’t notice his absence.

I then tell him, “This is how you will know who your true friends are.”

Since I was behind the computer, I went to the forum and was going to log in. I told H, “I know that the owner has not blocked your account. I haven’t even received an email yet. I know he will not do it and you are just staying off the forum just to keep me calm.”

He said, “What does it matter anyway. I’m not logging in.” Just hearing him say this, told me I am right. I do believe he is just taking a break and what perfect time to do so over the summer, when there are very few members on the forum. I guess I’ll just have to wait until September, when people start returning and see what happens then.

Somehow, the conversation switched over to “”G”. He said he had been talking to her.

I then asked, “How, if you are no longer in chat or on the forum?”

By email”, he said.

I replied, “I guess you didn’t quite understand what I meant when I asked you to delete all the women from your chat programs – it meant that I no longer wanted you to have any contact with other women.”

He said, “Our lives are difficult enough, then to have more to deal with.”

He got upset not realizing that he was the one who made our lives difficult and that he was the one whobrought all this on himself. In the end, he had nothing more to say.

This all reminded me of a post I wrote back in December: Where are his friends?

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