Out of the mouths of babes

H wasn’t in a very good mood today. After lunch, I was in the kitchen with our daughter making H a coffee. Although I don’t know why, in a jokingly way, I said “I wonder why daddy is being so mean today”.

Her reply, which floored me, was, “Because he doesn’t love you”. Keep in mind, this child is almost five years old.

After I heard what she had said, I tried not to act surprised. I had no idea how to reply to her or even if I should. So I didn’t saying anything at all. I guess if I would have known right then and there that H truly did love me, I would have corrected her. But what I realized is that I was just as confused as she was.

I went to H, who was close by and asked him if he had overheard what our daughter had just said. He said no. So I proceeded to tell him. When he heard what she said, he quickly went over to her and said, “Daddy does love mommy and mommy does love daddy. That is why mommy makes daddy coffee.” He tried to pick her up in his arms but she didn’t want him to.

It has been said that children have a better sense of these things then we as adults have. I wonder if she can actually sense how H really feels about me.

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