A change of environment to work on the marriage

Last night, husband brought up once again that we need a change of environment in order to work on the marriage. He has repeatedly brought this up since I found out about his affair. He has been blaming where we live as a reason why he cannot work on the marriage. He believes that a change of location would make us feel better about ourselves and in turn, the marriage can be worked on. Right now, we cannot afford to move to another place and he knows that. We must do what we can to work on the marriage now, until the time comes to move elsewhere.

To me, it would make more sense to create an environment where we can grow together in our marriage. After all, in a sense, we are starting over. It should be a safe environment without concern or worry that what we say will not be rejected or dismissed by the other. It should be a place where we respect and take the feelings of one another into consideration. An environment like this would make two people what to try. It’s not the environment (different location) or climate that makes you open up and feel safe, it’s the type of place that you create in order to express yourself freely.

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