His posting on a forum

A couple of days ago I go to the forum to see what husband has been up to and found a new thread he started about pole dancing. He added a couple of youtube videos of a girl pole dancing and dedicated the thread to a woman friend of his on the forum. His comment was, “when you learn be sure to send me the video so I can see it.” To answer the question on your mind right now as you are reading this, yes, this is how husband spends his time on the forum he moderates.

When husband came home, I told him I wanted to talk to him. He grew worried but quickly asked me if it had to do with a post on the forum. I told him yes. Now usually when I mention a thread he starts or posts on, he doesn’t seem to remember which one I am referring to because he posts on so many throughout the day. Much to my surprise, he remembered this post and asked me if it had to do with pole dancing and I said yes. I told him he is the only married man on the forum that starts threads like this. I said, this is very disrespectful to me as his wife and I would appreciate it if he wouldn’t be starting threads like this anymore. He had his head turned away from me the entire time I was telling him this and I have no idea why. After that he told me he was sorry but it wasn’t sincere.

Today I returned back to the forum only to find a new thread started by him titled, “how to break up with someone”. Now take a married man starting a topic like this and you tell me what it looks like. Well there were other members who read it (all who know he’s married) that started thinking that he had either broke it off with me or was planning on breaking it off. This would have really gotten to me a couple of months back but now I no longer care. I didn’t make a big deal out of it. In fact, I didn’t even approach him about it. I just patted myself on the back for not even mentioning it or getting all pushed out of shape over it. It looks very immature from where I’m sitting and I now realize that I am so over the posting he does on the forum.

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