Greece bound for Summer

I am monitoring her flight in real time as I write this.

This morning I took my daughter to the airport to put her on the plane to Greece for the summer. This time, it was different. There were no tears. If you remember last year, I had a breakdown at the airport when saying goodbye to her. When I brought up the memory of it, she said it was okay that I done that and if it happened again, it would be okay.

I guess it was different this time because everything seemed to fall right into place. We got our shopping done early and packed early. We even got to the airport way before time and avoided the lines. We spent some time shopping and relaxing for a long while before she had to board the plane.

I felt so bad, not because she was leaving, but because I wasn’t going with her. I had told her last year that I was going with her this summer for a couple of weeks, but due to health issues, I wasn’t able to go. Well, most of those health issues are now behind me and I WILL be going to Greece next summer. In fact, I am planning on buying our tickets early. The only thing I fear about that is that I may not want to return home.

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  1. I think we’re going to Greece this summer….last trip before my daughter is off to college

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