The Adventure of Relocating


Three years ago today, we were traveling to a state we had never been, to live in a home we had never seen and to start a new job I thought I would never get. What an adventure me and my daughter were on! I remember the excitement of not knowing where we were going or where we would end up – what the town, school or our home would be like. But most of all, I wondered how well my daughter would adjust to this new life as moving was no new experience for her. In fact, once I was given the job offer, we packed up and left traveling through two states to get to here. I cannot believe we have been here for three years now.

My intentions were to take this Government job and then move on to another in a much better area. For over two and a half years, we got stuck in a one horse town in the middle of no-where with not much to do at all.  The town was very quiet, had no crime and everyone knew one another. The quietness of the town was so deafening at times, but I turned it around to my benefit. I took advantage of that time to think. I can tell you, I basically dissected my entire life from the time I was a child, throughout my adulthood, to where I am today. I went through the mourning of my mother I had lost earlier that year. I never had the time to mourn as I seemed to be on the run from my life. I was moving from place to place as though I were in search of something, but at the same time I felt I had to distance myself from the place where all the memories remained. I thought about all the mistakes I had made, where I had been and all I had done. What I learned, as I went through my life, was those so-called mistakes were not mistakes at all. They were choices and the best choices I could have ever made under the circumstances that presented themselves to me at the time.  As I looked back, I realized I would not change the choices I have made for anything in the world!

By the time year two rolled around, I knew exactly where I wanted to be and the life I wanted to have for me and my daughter. I felt like a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders and that this all had been baggage I was carrying around with me for far too long.  In fact, I never realized it had been weighing me down to the point that my steps were too heavy to take. All of sudden, my body felt lighter as though I were able to walk easier and faster. As though it were my first time planning my future. I felt like a young adult who goes out into the world for the very first time and sees all that is possible. I was overcome with the feeling of freedom and challenge all at the same time. I began to gain the strength I needed to meet my future head on, and knew I could do anything by setting my mind to it.

Three months ago, we moved yet again. This time remaining in the same state but to a much larger town. In fact, we are only 20 minutes from the largest city in the state.  This new Government job has got to be the best job yet!  Unfortunately , this is only another pit stop before reaching our final destination. Who knows where we will finally end up?

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