Teenage Meltdown

Me and my daughter spend a lot of time talking. The deep conversations we have together are not only memorable but are also very intelligent on her part. She gets me thinking of things I would have never thought of during any topic of conversation. The other night, we were talking about a variety of... Continue Reading →

I’m finally home again!

My first day on Monday was great! So much in fact that I received more hugs then I did before I left six months ago. Most of those I had encountered were very happy that I returned and they certainly showed it. It felt good to be back home again. On day two, I had... Continue Reading →

I have never gone back

I have always been the type of person who never goes back…. I have never gone back to a relationship. I have never gone back to a job I once had. I have never gone back to a place I once lived. However, over the last few months I have being playing tub-a-war with myself... Continue Reading →

Being a Father and a Mother

It is hard to be both a Father and a Mother. Sometimes you get confused as to which role you play at any given time. It takes you back to when you were a child and how your father was there for you when your mother was not. You try hard to think of the... Continue Reading →

The empty can rattles the most

He can just go on and on and on. What is that saying?  "The empty can rattles the most." Well that's exactly what he sounds like. It's almost deafening to the ears. It gets me so exhausted when I hear him talk or read a lengthy email like the one he just sent me. His... Continue Reading →

If I lay here

Yesterday I took the day off work. It was a planned day off for a "me" day.  Needless to say, it did not turn out as planned. I had been suffering from bad allergies over the last several days and when I woke up, it had went into my chest. I had terrible chest congestion and... Continue Reading →

The Adventure of Relocating

Three years ago today, we were traveling to a state we had never been, to live in a home we had never seen and to start a new job I thought I would never get. What an adventure me and my daughter were on! I remember the excitement of not knowing where we were going... Continue Reading →

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