Shot thru the heart, but I’m still alive!

Shot thru the heart, but I'm still alive!

This is the tattoo I had put on in January of 2009, a month after arriving back to the states. It is right over my heart, or what’s left of it anyway.  When people ask to see it and question me about it, I just say, “I was shot thru the heart and I never saw it coming.”  As the years have gone by, I have added, “but it only happens once.”

I have been watching this blog over the last five years, reading comments and approving them.  Seeing how commenters have given advice to those seeking it and those who were seeking comfort found they were not alone. I have wanted to write many times but I was so busy trying to get my life back on track. The last post I wrote was “I made it to the states”, but my story does not end there. There is so much more to it and as time goes by, I will write about all that has happened and where I am today.

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