Somethings gotta give

An agreement was made between the two of us that he is not to have any phone calls from anyone during the time we are together. I am not talking about important calls. I am talking about silly calls from women no matter what kind of help they need, even if its computer help.

We were sitting enjoying a quiet afternoon when his cell phone rang and he answered it. I asked him who it was and he wouldn’t tell me. I heard a woman’s voice on the phone which got me quite upset. At that point, I left the room but stayed close enough to hear the conversation. It was a computer related issue she had but during the explanation, his voice went low and he started whispering to her. At that point, I grew even more upset not being able to hear exactly what was said. Once he got off the phone, he came looking for me only to find me right outside the door. I asked him who was on the phone and he said it was B. I then told him I had heard him whisper on the phone and wanted to know what he told her. He said he told her that he was in trouble because he received the call at home during family time. This did not cause either of them to hang up even though they both know the rule set that calls are not to be made or received during family time. Keep in mind, she is the only online friend he has that actually knows about his affair and how we’ve been trying to work things out.

I told him I was upset, due to the fact that he didn’t take control of the situation by telling her that he was busy and would call her back at a later time. He could have then told me who it was, what she wanted and that he would be calling her back. I told him that in the past, this would not have been such a big issue, but now, with what he has done, he has made me this way therefore, this rule was set. He said he knows, but something’s gotta give. I’m still not sure what he meant by that. Maybe he’s getting tired of the rule but he is the one who screwed up and now he has to live with it.

One thing I cannot understand is that B has wanted to meet me for the longest time. According to husband, she is always asking about me and continually says she wants to meet me. It’s not like we can even communicate since she doesn’t know English. For the third time, she mentioned coming up for a visit this Monday so I decided to ask my husband if she was coming. He said he didn’t know. I then asked him, if the tables were turned and a friend of mine who was a guy had offered himself to me no strings attached, and then he wanted to meet you, how would he feel? He said he wouldn’t like that. I told him that is why I don’t care to meet her at all. He then said she probably isn’t coming anyway.

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