I’m not a quitter

Husband has been trying to improve the business and ran a few ideas by me to see what I thought. I agreed that some of the ideas, although rather late, were good ones. I then asked him, “Why are you trying to improve the business now when last year you did nothing to help it?” 

He said, “I just want to go down doing all I can do for it.” He went on to say, “You know me, I’m not a quitter.” I said, “Yes you are.”

He then asked, “Name five things that I quit last year.”

Big mistake for him bringing up this subject. I told him, “I can’t name five things but I can name two. Your marriage and your business.”

He said,” no I didn’t,” while referring to the marriage.

I told him, “It’s one thing not to work on a marriage but quite another to give up completely. You gave up when you decided to venture out to another woman.”

He then tried to blame shift by saying, “you were gone half of the year.”

I said, “No I wasn’t. I was only gone for three and a half months.”

He said, “yes, but when you came back, you were here but your mind wasn’t, it was on your mother.”

Yes, I was concerned about my mother but at least I was “here. You, on the other hand, were too busy chatting away with members on the forum, spending time on the phone and dealing with the other woman all the while keeping me at a distance so I wouldn’t find out about your affair. This is also the reason why your focus was not on your business basically causing you to give up on it as well.”

He had nothing more to say and the conversation was dropped. I know that in the back of his mind, he knows all this to be true. However, he continues blaming everyone else for the damage that he caused to our marriage and refuses to help repair, and also for the failing business that he had no time for in the process. In my eyes, just like in his, he is a quitter.

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