The empty can rattles the most


He can just go on and on and on. What is that saying?  “The empty can rattles the most.” Well that’s exactly what he sounds like. It’s almost deafening to the ears. It gets me so exhausted when I hear him talk or read a lengthy email like the one he just sent me.

His email was about three word pages long. He started from the beginning of how he had to obtain the paperwork, and all the road blocks in order to get all the stamps needed for the paperwork (even though it wasn’t the paperwork needed to obtain the passport). He went on about his traveling back and forth a few times.  Approximately 600 miles round trip and the costs for gas and lodging. He went on and on. Hell, he even sent a copy to our daughter.

In the email, he also states, “Should she decide to come, I will be more than happy to assist her in every shape and form to meet with her aunt, cover all the costs associated with her stay in Greece and since she seems to be mad at me for the bureaucratic delays, I would keep out of her way during her stay in Greece.”

That sounds like an easy way out from him spending any time with her.  He should have just spoken with her to see how she feels instead of saying that though an email. All that did was make her even more upset.

I never replied to his email because there was just no sense in doing so. It is as though he wants some type of debate and I no longer have the strength or energy. Luckily for me, I never have to communicate with him when it comes to our daughter. That is, until now.

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