He finally listened


We finally received the document that I had been asking him for over the last three months now. If he would have just listened in the first place, he could have made our daughter’s life so much easier.

We applied for her passport earlier this week. I had all the documentation needed. He had sent the form granting permission and had it notarized. I turned in the Jurat as a “just in case” measure.  I paid for expedited service where they will be receiving the paperwork within 24 hours and the passport is guaranteed to be here within 10 to 12 days.

When DD texted her father to let him know that we applied for her passport, she mention to him the divorce papers were not even needed. His reply, “Well the people at the American Embassy said the divorce papers were needed in order for you to apply for a passport and I believe them over the people that you and your mother talked to.”

Me and DD spoke with the people at the passport office. I think they would know more about what paperwork is needed rather than those who work at the American Embassy. The American Embassy is not a passport office and they do not issue passports.

Then my daughter went on to tell her father that if he didn’t run around for weeks trying to get all the stamps needed on the divorce paperwork which was not needed, she would have already been there spending her summer. She is very upset and what even upsets her more is that he has been texting her good morning and good night for the last three days. She asked why he was doing that when he hasn’t done that all these years. I told her he is excited because he thinks she is going to Greece and he wants to keep the communication going. She then asked. “How do I reply to that?” I told her to reply good morning and good night when he sends a text.

What do you do as a mother when you see your daughter confused over something as small as receiving texts from her father? The memory of him being absent all these years has caused her anger and frustration. I can’t really say I blame her, even though I have no idea what that is like. At this point, I’m not even sure if she still wants to go. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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