He believes she knows why we left

I spoke with him briefly about the passport situation and reminded him that the authorization needed to be signed by him, notarized, and then sent to me. I told him he is holding up the process of purchasing her airline ticket and every day that goes by, the ticket prices go up. He said he had been very busy but will get to it sometime this week.

When I was done speaking with him, DD Skyped with him for a while. About 30 minutes later, she came to me, (even though she was still on with him) and said he wasn’t being himself. She told me he said that I must have told her why we left Greece because she is taking my side. He also had mentioned to her that she has been here in America for ten years now (which is really only eight). When she asked why he was telling her all this, he just grinned and said never mind.

I told her I didn’t quite understand why he would bring something like this up. Why bring it up if he is not going to tell her? What does he hope to gain? Does he want her to question me? Is he curious to see what I would tell her?

I decided long ago, that DD will not be told until she is an adult and that would be only if she asked. Even then, I highly doubt she would fully understand. She is only 13 now and doesn’t seem too curious at all as to what happened over there.

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