He repeated what he read word for word

I sent him the link to the U.S. passport site to make it easier for him to understand why it is that I need him to complete the form. Well he ended up sending me an email word for word of what he read on the site. He even numbered the paragraphs.

He then starts telling me that he is not a US citizen (as if I don’t already know that) and goes on to say he cannot legally sign any U.S Government document or form. If he did, he said it would be considered invalid and illegal. He doesn’t seem to understand that he could go the American Embassy there in Athens and have the form signed, notarized and then sent to me.

The only reason why I need him to sign the form granting permission for me to renew our daughter’s passport, is because I do not have a court ordered document stating I have sole custody. Years ago, her dad came to the states and we had a Jurat notarized as he granted me sole custody of our daughter. However, I never sent the document through the court system here in the states because during that time, I could not afford an attorney. Now that this came up in conversation via email, I have learned that he sent his copy through the Greek court system, so he will be obtaining a copy from the attorney who processed our divorce. This is very much a relief for me as I no longer have to wonder if he will keep our daughter or not.

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