The echo in my head

I keep thinking about the conversation we had yesterday.  The way he was acting and the tone of his voice brought back in memory a conversation we had about DD years ago. From the moment the conversation ended, I kept hearing the echo of the words he told me.

“You can have her until she is a teenager and then I will have her when she is a teen. She needs her mother now, but she will not need you later.” 

The above words were spoken in the same tone of voice from yesterday. If he chose to keep her there, it would only be for some sort of payback. It’s not like he wants her there with him because he cannot live without her. I can’t help but wonder what he is planning, but I do know he is up to something.

I find myself in a difficult position where my daughter is concerned. She has been planning this trip for almost a year now and I feel I cannot stand in her way.  I must let her make her own decision no matter the cost.  She is already counting down the years if in the event she is not able to return.

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